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    ok, so im going back to uni in september and have decided to start saving. however, everytime i put money into a savings account, i always dip into it. is there any accounts where i can deposit like £20-£30 a week and not be able to access it till september?




    You could set up a direct debit to a savings account for £20 or £30 a week and then access it whenever you like if it is an easy access account. Maybe an online savings account would be good so you have good control over the money and a nice sense of satisfaction seeing the money adding up.

    P.S. Self control is the key

    P.P.S. Stop coming on here and you won't be so tempted to spend it all X)


    you can have a current account and a savings account

    So as mentioned, set up a direct debit to send so much into that account and i think iam right in saying that you cant withdraw from that account from an ATM. The reason i say this is because when i do online banking i have a savings which is separate.

    make an savings account, tell only someone you trust the details i.e mum, then when you want the money in sep ask her. sorted !
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