saw 4

    any idea when its on at the flick until please? i live in north east if it helps! need it to be on 20 th november if poss!!!


    its out already?? just type in ur cinema in google to find out times

    I saw it, not very good imo, the guy behind me fainted as well. bloddy druggies:|

    It should be on until the end of the month - at the multi-screen ones anyway


    so did anyone like it?i enjoyed them all but number 3 was the worst yak and the operation was discusting

    not seen it yet but i will soon horror is my favourite genre but nothing compares to the old classics freddy kruger and michael myers

    i haven't seen it yet too, heard it is not that good as the previous ones

    It's as good as the previosu one's - but has a lot more twists & flashbacks.........

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    cant seem to get further that next week when checking local cinemas. so do you reckon it will be on still on the 20th november (fingers crossed)????

    Saw IV is an ok movie. It tried to combine characters from 2 & 3 while adding flashbacks from the past of Jigsaw to move it seem more deep, mixing in the usual amount of torture sequences for good measure.

    They've tried to drag out the short and simple story of Jigsaw over films 2-4, the result being the story becoming less and less interesting as it went along. The only Saw films truly worth owning are the first 2.

    The original was the ebst, second one was OK, I saw the the third one but ahve not seen the fourth yet..

    ooh, good one i liked it a lot

    its a disgusting film. there working on saw 5 and 6 now.

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    its a disgusting film. there working on saw 5 and 6 now.


    Saw 4 was made simply because the others made good money at the box-office, thanks to the mostly teen audience (who wouldn't know a genuinely good horror film if it hit them between the.....).

    The first Saw was quite an interesting and engaging film, the second one was basically more of the same (but not as good).
    I switched off the 3rd one on dvd after about 45 mins due to being bored to tears.

    The 4th one has received dreadful reviews.

    Can you guess if I'll be watching the 4th film (or any further sequels) ?

    Saw 5 & 6 are going to be released back to back

    Nice one!
    I love these films.
    Saw IV gets you thinking, i really liked it.

    yeah, i liked it a lot too, lots of thinking really
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