Saw xbox game

Thinking of buying it but wondered how people have found it. is it good? let down ect?
and if its recomended anyone know the cheapest place so far ive found tesco at £26


It got some poor reviews but i haven't actually played it.

Im after it too. Gonna check reviews out on youtube
In Sainsburys £25 :thumbsup:

i rented it from blockbuster and found it to be really good, its a lot of puzzle solving and a bit of hitting crazy people

My brother plays any old rubbish and he said this was pants, it was on the ps3 though. Id rent or borrow it before parting with youre cash! If tesco have batman that may be a better optionn, its only £16!

Rent it as completed 1000gs after 6hours

Saw will be in the bargain bin before long. don't pay more than a tenner.

If you like saw films, More than likely you will like this:thumbsup: I would rent though as can be finished quite quickly and has no replay value, Also can get 1000gs on one run through
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