Saxo_Appeal No Longer At Tesco

    Well as of the start of January i shall no longer be working for the good old Tesco Call centre in Dundee,....why you ask??

    Im starting my new job in January with a Worlwide known Oil and Gas firm and will be working Offshore on an Oil Platform:thumbsup:
    I cant wait folks, at long last decent money,pension scheme etc:w00t:

    Im going to be working as a Wireline Operator which is meant to be a really good job and very fulfilling, i just got the letter today and have been reading over all the forms for employment. Starting as Ad-Hawk which means i could be home for 4 days then away for 2 weeks then home 5 days then away 3 weeks etc etc.
    I had the interview a couple of weeks ago and had my medical on the friday just gone, which i passed with flying colours!;-)

    Yah Hoooo Saxo_appeal is an Offshore Worker now !!:santa:


    Every little helps

    heh :thumbsup: nice one,

    I'm hopefully leaving Sainsbury's in February

    Ok you can post for Tesco then but no posting for BP deals you hear me?

    Original Poster

    LMAO @ Admin

    Ill let everyone know first when all the petrol offers are going to be :thumbsup: :giggle:

    Awww good luck Saxo xx

    [SIZE="4"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Way to Go,Saxo!!!!![/FONT][/SIZE]

    Original Poster

    thanks everyone

    Congratulations Saxo on your new job!! :w00t:

    Congratulations on the new job.

    Must be somthing in the air, I got a new job today

    all the best saxo, but will miss your tips on tesco.! :thumbsup:

    Excellent Saxo I'm so chuffed for ya!!

    Way to go!! :thumbsup: Happy for ya mate!

    I've just recently got myself a new job too! I was being made redundant (again!) but will be soon known as a 3G Support Engineer :-D

    Well done mate


    Ok you can post for Tesco then but no posting for BP deals you hear me?

    Damn I was looking for your first 'crude oil only $95/barrel' offers

    congratulations mate x x

    Good on yer


    Sounds really cool. Hope every goes well for you xxx:-D

    Nice one Lee. :thumbsup: :-D That's great news, :thumbsup: I remember you talking about this last year. I'm dead chuffed for you and the Mrs. :-D :-D

    Congrats on your new job Saxo! :friends:

    yay ! well done... does Mr saxo have a surname? We might be working for the same company ... I'll look you up in our email to see

    Congrats Saxo, can you sort us some discounts on some cheap fuel now instead? :giggle:

    Good work Saxo, well done.
    Always good to see someone doing better for themselves.

    The best of luck to you and yours

    Congrats saxo

    Good luck with your new job :thumbsup:

    contrats on new job!

    congrats saxo

    Well done and the first job you have is to find out where all the Ultimate Diesel is gone, because it sure ain't in the South East :-( Oh and for the new job :thumbsup: .....:giggle:

    Original Poster

    lol wow !!

    thanks all the good lucks and congrats

    much appreciated.....

    cant wait everyone !

    congrats for your new job saxo. hope all goes well!!!

    Nice one Saxo...Congrats mate.:thumbsup:

    Hope you enjoy the 'water safety training' at RGIT Aberdeen. Done it yet??

    Wireline is ok, you will do fine.

    Not the best time to be going offshore (January North Sea!!) but known loads of folk to do it.

    Looking forward to the oil industry deals on cheapest drill bits etc.


    Well done and congratulations Saxo :thumbsup:

    Congratulations mate :-D:thumbsup:


    Great News Saxo Well Done!!


    Congrats...all the best in your new career :thumbsup:

    Congrats Saxo, and all the others who said they have new jobs. Hope all goes well.

    We can actually go for beers now when you come back from trips, instead of just talking about it!

    Congrats mate and good luck
    hope its all you hope for

    brilliant new's Saxo - it's been a while coming! Congratulations xx

    WTG sax.:thumbsup:
    Hope they have t'internet off shore,so you can still keep in touch with all the deals on here.:)


    Well done Saxo,....we'll be seeing a gap in your posts then. Or do oil platforms have internet connections to HUKD? :?

    p.s. Make sure you post all the voucher codes you can before you leave Tesco :lol:

    Congratulations Mr B

    Woohoo Now I will get some peace for a few weeks, and maybe get on the internet at home now :whistling: :giggle: :giggle: :w00t: :w00t:

    im only joking babe, im the most happiest ive ever been now you have the job, you deserve it, you have tried for over a year to get it nd now you've got it. Well Done
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