Say "Irish Wristwatch" Outloud..

    I dare you..


    right...........ive got a speech impediment

    Original Poster


    right...........ive got a speech impediment

    Its okay... Your just mentally retarded...

    easy peasy?

    I done it, I don't get it? :oops:


    I done it, I don't get it? :oops:

    say it quick

    Arghh i've got a richwatch!!

    Do we have to say it in an irish accent and do you score double if you are Irish, cause my great grandparents are Irish (so I'm told) so am part paddy.

    i coming out as irissswrisswash


    IRISH WRISTWATCHI don't get it?

    lol i dont think any of us get it.:oops:

    Paddy held up the que in argos for 50 minutes trying to order 1 of them watches

    hahaha.....good one! just kept myself and my son amused for the last 5 minutes seeing who could say it the fastest correctly..........:p
    .................for all those that doesn't get is meant to be a tongue-twister ie: keep saying it really fast :-D
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