Say no to 0870 numbers

    Not sure if this has been on before but there is a website that gives you the alternative to the 0870 number most companies quote. By using the alternative the cost of the call can be absorbed in free minutes or as part of the inclusive package most of us have with our landline.
    I have found it very useful


    It has…70/

    Thanks for posting anyway. It is good to be reminded.

    Been done but always worth a reminder - thanks

    this site has saved me a small fortune over the last few months alone ! xx:thumbsup:


    This ones interesting too :

    List loads of numbers of nuisance caller companies. Apparently my latest nuisance caller is an 0800 number FROM BT :x…393

    BT Nuisance advice call line. Oh the IRONY :roll:

    Its great that this is put on from time to time a there are new members that do not know about it so well done

    I've been using this for ages and have also saved a fortune.It's becoming common place for most companies to use 0845,0870 etc so they get money from the calls - this website is a godsend.

    It's increasingly frustrating,especially for those of us that have inclusive calls on their landline that don't cover these no.s:x
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