Scalextric Track

    I think that's how it's spelt. :?

    I a figure-of-8 type set and 2 cars and was just wondering if anybody knows of any places where you can get extra pieces of track and cool bits for it.

    An ideal set would be this but I know it's not possible for me to get that much:…jpg

    This is the piece which REALLY interste me, a piece of track which lets you plug your scalextric into the PC and control it from your computer!! It's called Race Management System (RMS).…=15 >>The RMS is HERE<<

    Anything cool like that though. I currently have:

    A ford focus police car.
    A subaru car.
    A figure of 8 track.
    A crossover piece.
    A bit where the left lane swerves towards the other, not sure what that piece is called.
    A load of pit stop men.
    A lap counter.

    I got all of that for under £30 when Index was closing down and today discovered that just the police car on its own costs £28.50 in the shops!! I got the set cheap so I don't want the parts to cost too much either. :lol:

    Any suggestions? Online stores maybe?


    Wait until Easter when the car boot sale season starts. You will be able to pick track and spare cars up for next to nothing. :wink:

    There are lots of RMS, track, cars etc. on ebay.
    RMS currently 99p- £20
    If you go to the Buy Now search for track, one seller says he is selling 13 lots (email for details).
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