"Award notice" I am pleased to confirm that the holder of this card you are entitled to receibe a valuable award. blablabla, your personal allocation code is xxxxxx. your code was allocated to you in january.
    just call xxx, calls are £1.50 a minute.

    Now im pretty sure this is a scam, but the strange thing is, it came with my order from (a package which didnt actually have what i ordered).

    the organisation is called "The prize winners club"

    defo a scam or not?


    At £1.50 per minute I would say a scam, if you had really won something (did you enter?) then surely they would ring you...:x

    I would never call a £1.50 a minute line, they are always a scam (or voting line, e.g. big brother)


    It will have nothing to do with la redoute, they just add it with all the other junk mail - get them in newspapers too, but they are not reputable because they come with a wellknown newspaper.

    Companies should really vett the junk mail they associate with

    Original Poster

    ok thanks a lot

    i would say its defo a oh i meant scam!!!
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