Are these genuine?? im interested in doing one


    It has been done and proven by the BBC to work (Free ipod), But it can take months to get referrals, If you get any at all!!

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    why months?


    why months?

    Basically you need to get mates, Friends or random internet go'ers to click on your referral link and sign up to whatever offer, So thats 9+ different people for the things worth having, Then they are often slow to send the item out, If you get it at all!


    You'd be better investing your time to do a couple of shifts of overtime at work and buying one outright

    I did the Console Grab one and it took a while to get enough referals for just a Gameboy Advance...

    They will send the item, it's just a case of will you get enough referals and will they complete their trials on whatever they sign up to.
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