Scam bank emails...

    We all get them but they seem to be taking a new angle.

    See following pic.


    Original Poster

    Notice the giveaway??? :lol:

    Lloyds tsb lolz.

    :-DDid the TSB & Halifax (HBOS) merge????
    Ha HA

    Still ... some of the punctuation and spelling is better than some folk's!

    heh, although you have to read it to notice. Bigger giveaway is they want you to click a link. No real bank ever would.

    I guess some poor people will fall for it..
    I've lost count of the number I've received.

    I keep getting them from Natwest recently, they're so ****. Clicking the "report phishing" button doesn't seem enough. I want to click the "arrest these losers immediately" button.

    if you get one of these emails all you need to do is post your bank accont number and sort code on this thread and i promise i will sort out all your problems...oh by the way my name is george and im representing your jacker is the best....LOL

    I phoned the bank I think it it was nat west because I had had so many of these and they sent me a huge bouquet of flowers and an apology and told me to send them on to them every time i got them

    Blimey, do you think they'd send me a bottle of scotch, if I tried it?
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