SCAM EMAIL "Change your Sky iD password"

Found 24th Feb 2014
Just a heads up guys, I received the following email allegedly from Sky.
I've been on live chat and was told it is NOT genuine and to ignore it.

Change your Sky iD password
Hello *******,
Forgotten your password? No problem. You can change it here.
Better be quick though. To keep your details safe, this link will only work for three hours. Left it too late and need a new one? Get another.
Try to pick a memorable password and use a mixture of numbers and letters to protect your account.
Sign in to Sky now.
We hope you enjoy exploring Sky,
The Sky iD Team

Email address was
Community Updates
Thanks for the info.
we get one of these almost every week. we dont have anything to do with sky lol.
Thanks for the heads up. I would advise people do not click links within emails which asks for personal information. Go to the site directly. And if in doubt, do as OP has done and report it.
We're getting massive amounts of phishing spam recently - HMRC tax rebate, RBS card declined, DHL missed delivery, Natwest, Royal Mail, Efax, Skype, Barclays, Mint etc,etc,etc. All with booby-trapped links or malware attachments. It's getting ridiculous. Be careful what you click everyone.
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