scam email from itunes store help??

Found 21st Oct 2015
I've had an email from itunes saying I have made an in app purchase for £18.28. Only my daughter has an itunes account which only i know the password to as it has my details etc on it for purchases.
How can i tell if this is a scam email please and that my daughter hasn't seen me type in the password!!
The purchase was for ICRSS Pro?
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Scam, I had one this morning for one apparently for £1.99.

I don't have an Apple ID.
I've had loads in the past few weeks, they look legit at a quick glance.
look for signs like, do they use your full name or just your email address/i'd
is the small print correct at the bottom of the email

the biggest giveaway is the senders address, tap details at the top and see the senders address, if it's legit it'll be the apple address (not sure what that is but make a small purchase in the Store and get the address off the email for your store receipt)

if you're not sure you can always forward it to apple
This is who its from Apple (
Get them all the time from all sorts of accounts, unless you (a) have an Apple ID and (b) have checked your usualy method of payment just ignore it an and mark as spam.
don't open or reply to any emails from - don't you get it TELL US ?
I get these all the time, and bloomin PayPal emails, just spam them all!
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