scam emails

    im receiving scam emails to my hotmail email

    they are coming from [email protected] pretending to be halifax

    and [email protected]

    they ae both advising me that my account details are out of date.

    even tho i dont have accounts with them lol

    is there somewhere i can forward these as scam emails


    If you receive a phishing email, stay calm. There is no risk in receiving it. Just delete it.

    Always report it by forwarding it to [email protected] We’ll use this information to help reduce fraud.

    Just add them to the "spam filter"

    Luckily Yahoo has it's own system that updates itself and automatically moves suspect items to the spam folder

    In over 8 years or more I've probably only ever had a dozen spam emails come straight into my inbox - everything else goes straight into spam folder - a quick scan down the "subject headings" quickly identifies that they are spam

    Not sure how hotmail/windows live operate regarding spam - I have an account but very rarely access it - but assume they do similar to Yahoo but maybe not as effective

    I get getting them telling me Im on jury duty...........think Ill skip that your onour

    try using, to unsubscribe from a lot of junk mail, and add all the stuff like this to the spam filter. Must say I never get any spam with Gmail, though I'm careful what I sign up to with that and use a junk email address for random things
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