scam ? or just cheap

    i have been after 1 of these but this seams too good to be true or have used cars just got cheaper they are at least 15k everywhere else


    Probably got finance on it.


    thats well cheap

    There are similarly priced vehicles. The price of used cars has risen recentley which might explain why the trade adverts are £1,000 - £2,000 more expensive than this.

    I'd make sure the mileage is correct - ie they didn't mean to write 71,000 miles instead of 17,000.

    The HPI check that you're having done will be more informative than anything else we can provide.

    Gumtree incident?

    Hot deal. Keep us updated.

    I would avoid like the plague, any private seller that takes photo's when parked ( illegally ) at a bus stop has to be dodgy, no house in the background??

    It all smells like a " Gumtree " sale to me.

    I'm sure it's not a 'gumtree' sale.

    Things like that are incredibly rare, that would be like going on a plane and thinking 'ooh, it might be a September 11th plane'

    Another example of the media making people afraid of everything.

    Perhaps, like said above, the mileage is wrong, perhaps the person wants a quick sale, perhaps it's nicked. Doesn't mean you're going to get stabbed when you turn up to look at it

    Remember the old saying " if it looks too good to be true, it probably is ".. ;-)

    Barge Pole and Wouldn't touch ... spring to mind.

    Do you really live in Riverside Drive?


    So I was right it it a cat lisitng, I always always avoid them as I have … So I was right it it a cat lisitng, I always always avoid them as I have kids don't want to risk it, may be good for you tho....all the best. The seller really should not be withholding that information though, I would tell them that and report the listing, seems very dishonest witholding the information, most sellers will say cat d/c so I would be wary of trading IMO.

    There is no obligation in law for a private seller to tell the purchaser that the vehicle has been involved in an accident, UNLESS they specifically ask, when they then have to reveal any information they know about.

    There was an article on Fifth Gear, with 2 identical Ford Focus's. One had had frontal repairs, and one hadn't. When crashing into each other in a head on test. The repaired car came out significantly worse.

    I think that was a Cat C though, so more major repairs than a Cat D. Do research into waht exactly was replaced/repaired. It may just be body panels, in which case it should be ok. Any chassis straightening etc. though, is bad, and run away.
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