scam phone call from Microsoft -not

Found 6th Jan 2011
Jack from Indian call centre informs me my Windows on my computer is running slow and needs fixing

13th Jan - call from "BT Associates" same scam.
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Jack of all Trades I guess.Tell him after 5 Minutes you don't have any Computers in the House.…you

A short call: I said "but we don't use Windows, we use Linux" He said "Linux? Linux" Then hung up.

Have reported it to trading standards. I first read about this scam on HUKD. There might be someone reading about this for the first time...
it is really sad to think that people actually get away with fleecing people like this. There should be a special place for people who do this kind of thing.
ive had loads of these

most recent was yesterday, depends if im busy or not i just string them along, first time i got one thou i did google it whilst they were on the phone and found out it was a scam when i told the man i knew what he was up to he went absolutey crazy, said some really vile stuff

just tell them you have Linux lol, they just put the phone down after a few 'huh, huh'

Yeah string them along for as long as possible. I imagine they have quite a high success rate though.
Had a cracker a few weeks back. An Indian sounding gentleman called Charles calling from "the head office of the Royal Bank of Scotland"
thanks mod(s)
Might say that i only use windows 3.1.... or dos...
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