Scam phone calls concerning Windows

Found 1st Mar 2011
Just received a call, supposedly a Windows follow up call.

"We have been monitoring your computer and there seems to be problems with your Windows operating system "

Sorry ! I have no computer !

The line went dead in about a nanosecond

Be warned .. I think I read about this scam a few weeks ago in one of the papers.

Whatever they want ... say no

.. better still Hang Up !
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Yup, they've been going for a while now. First one I had was at my OH's parents and they handed the phone to me, asked them who gave them this number etc and they said Windows, I would have assumed Microsoft but nope, Windows. They then claim that Windows has a 30 warranty and it will cost x amount to fix it and they will do it there and then. I found it quite funny and kept them on the phone for almost 2 hours. Thankfully my OH's mum knows now not to talk to them and certainly not give any payment details.

I wish I had one of those mobile sims that give you a free minute for each minute you get called, I'd be raking in the free calls.
old scam and my mate didnt know he handed over his password username for his pc over the phone and they uploaded like 3000 viruses, what a doughnut
Bl**dy Double Glazing Salesmen! Oh sorry, wrong windows!
Ive warned my mother about this scam and she would still be daft enough to fall for it, then demand i fix her laptop

I found it quite funny and kept them on the phone for almost 2 hours.

I have never got past the 15 minute mark It is fun trying though.
>>>Such an old scam ... surprised they still bother

Surprised they still bother !!!!!

There are millions of people who have not had a call like this, so still millions of people left to scam.

Trouble is no matter how much you tell people about things there is always people who think it wont happen to them.

There was a guy in the news last week who had has car nicked (with his mobility scooter inside) when he left his keys in the car when he went to pay for his petrol.

What sort of idiot leave keys in an unguarded car at a petrol station !

There are always plenty of people left to scam.

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next time try the "what are you wearing" approach!
if you fall for this scam ever, you are the kinda of idiot who would sell their car for petrol money
had a call from these people the other day kept them on the line for a while then told them that i didnt actualy have a computer in the house. all of a sudden the line went dead
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