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Posted 5th Sep 2022
Update 1
Another scam site added
Hi folks, noticed this scam site, when searching around and i didn' t want anyone to be caught out by it.

The link and are actually a scam site of Shark Stores and has nothing to do with Shark itself.

We have blacklisted the domain on hotukdeals, so it shouldn't be active anywhere on-site, if for some reason it appears PLEASE report it.

Discussion here on and now there's

The Domain is very similar to other Shark links, and i know most of us are savvy, but it helps one person, then that's great.

Warning signs:

Email is gmail

FAQ state money is in US Dollars

Returns state ''Please fill in your address in all details, otherwise the package we mail to you will be returned to us, or we will just ignore your request to save everyone the trouble''

There's lots of other things wrong also, like social media links don't go to direct pages etc.

IF you have ordered from here, all is not lost.

Contact your Bank, Credit Card Company or Paypal (They say Paypal but i'm not adding my address to find out!) and they will give you the advice needed to try and put in a claim for a refund. You may even need to cancel your bank cards.

Get help with online scams - Citizens Advice as they may use cards or contact you to scam you via phone etc.
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    @Dan_82 If you've blacklisted the domains then how come you can still click through to both fake sites via the links in your post?
    It means, when posted, they should be flagged by the system and not go live. Cheers
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    I came across this site multiple times when looking for a ninja duel. It's just legit enough looking that I almost fell for it too. And the fact they are selling at a 30% or so discount rater than 80% or something silly makes it easier to fall for
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    If there is a heat x 2 or helpful button in this post. I would definitely give it to you. Thanks for the caution ⚠️
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    good to have this info
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    Thanks @Dan_82 for the info 🏾
    You're most welcome! Expect more of these type of scam sites, as we head towards Christmas :/
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    Thanks @Dan_82 for the heads up
    Welcome @kin88
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    Wish I'd done some research on this scam ..sadly I've falling victim to them bank card is now blocked hopefully I'll get my money back through Barclays
    Oh no, i'm really sad to hear this

    I'm hopefully you'll get your money back and there is also some advice /links at the bottom of this thread to help, if need be.

    Please let me know how you get on and good luck! (edited)
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    Thanks Dan
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    Thanks for posting this deal. Got myself a new Ninja
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    I actually fell for the shark outlet one.
    Entered all my details, including home address and shipping address.
    I clocked it when my credit card text me to authorise an amount different to what the purchase price was

    Thankfully it didn't cost me anything but they have all my details now...
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    Noticed that also, TY. Will link back!
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    Nice one.. Scammers.. They never quit, do they?
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    I bought the Tower 9l airfryer from the official Tower website for £111 ish in the last 2 wks but initially clicked on one if those sites. The scammers are relentless 😣
    Lucky escape!
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    Damn. Nice spot, will update tomorrow when online
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    Can't these be forwarded to actual ninja site and get them to remove them
    They have been flagged already