scam website ...... a database????

anyone know of a scam website database ?? where you can search for websites people have found and reported ??

if not do you think it be a good idea ?? then if the seo done right, it would show up the "scam" report top in google, yahoo etc ???


ironically i am just starting 1 up.
only £16.99 to register and payment by western union only.:thumbsup:

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that says scam to me straight away :lol:

my idea would be a free one but have advertising (only a small bit) to cover the hosting

Mines Free .all I Need Is Your Bank Details For You To Sign Up????

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oh i would definately sign up :lol:

my acc # is 000000000 my sort code is 000000 my cv # is 555

please don't rob me :lol:

Great Choc.send Money First .waiting For Postman Now

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My name is Princess Mubooboo from Nigeria and I would like to fund this … My name is Princess Mubooboo from Nigeria and I would like to fund this operation with Great British Pounds.....e-mail me [email protected]

i would definately deal with you ;-) you have to come to mine with cash and your body :lol: ;-)


Great Choc.send Money First .waiting For Postman Now

All I need is a copy of your passport photo and details page along with your address :whistling:


i would definately deal with you ;-) you have to come to mine with cash … i would definately deal with you ;-) you have to come to mine with cash and your body :lol: ;-)

isn't my body enough ? :w00t:

Can You Post Your Body First.then Will See

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isn't my body enough ? :w00t:

i need pror viewing before making a decision


Am I wrong in thinking Internet Explorer and Firefox have this built in?

If it isn't green don't touch it, like this site.

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not that i know of thats why there is always so many questions here asking if a site is safe

wouldn't it be useful to have a resource of sites of course there will be contact section for somone to "acclaim" there site isnt a scam ...... and it would be removed from the site is the website is seen as legit (jealous / angry people may report perfectly legit sites out of spites)

Just thought I would share an email I got today, it is a scam naturally, I sent the back an email saying wot a niave idiot they are, and how fake is the email...... so be warned if u get this email send it to your junk folder its a scam. if u were to reply to the email sayin "oh help my accounts suspended". they would ask for your bank details etc then steal all your money. the email is as follows......
Dear customer
Alliance and Leicester have been receiving complaints from our Customers
about unauthorised use of their Online Bank Accounts.
As a result we periodically review certain Customers' Accounts and temporarily restrict access
to those which we think are vulnerable to unauthorised use.

This message has been sent to you from Alliance and Leicester because
we have noticed some invalid login attempts into your account.
Due to this we may temporarily limit and restrict
your account access until we confirm your identity.

To confirm your identity and avoid limitations to your Online Banking Access,
Please click on the button below


Thank You.

Legal Advisor
Alliance and Leicester Bank.

Accounts Management as outlined in our User Agreement, Alliance and Leicester will
periodically send you informations about site changes and enhancements.

so yeah be warned dsont soak in the above garble as its fake fake fake. dont give any details bank details any details about yourself to ANYONE who emails u. when they ask for bank details d.o.b or ask for money tell them to take a hike. x
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