Scam website Multilotto selling fake Euromillions tickets on Groupon

Found 22nd Feb 2018
Warming only Camelot can sell official Euromillions tickets this website is misleading you into buying fake tickets and it is unfortunately being promoted by Groupon. This is their own version you are buying they just use the numbers from the Euromillions, you can’t win millions like in the photos. I have called the gambling Commission and they confirmed it is their own version and told me to complain to the advertising standards authority if I thought the advert was misleading. I called Groupon and they immediately refunded me.
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I have bought one thing on groupon, it was a course on "literacy" just going through the sign up page found a great number of errors in numeracy and literacy, groupon's support were good at getting my money back, I didn't check to see if it was taken down though.
I’ve seen these advertised loads! I imagine a lot of people have been duped!
As with any groupon offer the t&c’s should be read in great detail to ascertain exactly what the deal is.
The ‘euromillions’ headline is misleading but the blurb does explain the lotteries that the voucher could be used for
Please publish on as well. More people will pick that up altthough the scammers will still win
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