Scamleys "you're a star"

Found 26th Mar 2007
Well did a red envelope drop through your door today? it seems those ever so nice people at scamleys decided that I'm one of their 'special customers' and they want me to continue shopping with them.

So much do they want me to continue shopping that they are offering me a star card, one star for every quid spent worth (wait for it) 10p. No mention of the goods they cancelled just before xmas though.

I intend to phone scamleys this morning to have my details removed from the scamleys computer. Not only are their prices a rip off and not only did they handle the xmas orders debacle in a very poor way (offering to honor deals and then going back on that) but the ******** kept my details after two emails telling them to delete them, and no doubt yours too.

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Calm down Dave, I am sure it was all in good spirits :giggle: just think if they regard you as a friend, who their enemies must be :w00t:

Mine came through last week.

Could be worse- 1p every £1 like some loyalty schemes:giggle:

Me too, I'm a valued customer .... but they have never had my custom, hee hee. BINNED:viking:(thought our scamleys viking had gone for a moment but found it)
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