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Scammed on ebay, how do I get a refund?

Posted 12th Nov
To sum it up quickly, bought a ps4 controller, never arrived, opened a request on ebay, seller ghosted me and today I checked the sellers account and it says "no longer a registered user". I checked the negative feedback of the seller and a lot of people are in a similar situation but I'm wondering how I can get a refund now, is it even possible?
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Open up a dispute with PayPal
Contact eBay, raise the issue with them
Don't worry you'll get your money back. Have you not already messaged ebay and PayPal? Would have been the first thing I'd do!
Open Paypal case, wait 8 days and they'll refund you.
You should always check feedback going back at least 6 months.
This happened to me and I rang ebay they found the item and refunded it in full, they said if item arrived I could keep it which it eventually did
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