Scammer at my Local Co-Op Store

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Found 16th Jun 2010
Earlier today i went into my local Co-Op shop to buy a lottery ticket.
I handed the ticket over with my selected numbers and handed over my £2.00 as i selected both sat and wed draws.
On my way out i glanced the ticket and noticed that it only said for one wed draw which i found odd as i clearly marked both draws , so i returned to the cashier and got my remaining pound back.
Later on i checked the ticket and to my horror found that the date said it was for the 2nd june draw which was over 2 weeks ago and the numbers were different.
So it seems that the cashier had taken my money and pocketed it themselves and given me one of their own losing tickets.
I am going to see the manager first thing tommorow to report this fraud.

as tis ever happened to anyone else ?

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thats weird... what did the cashier look like ?

What a pointless scam. Hardly gonna make him much money.

Well the first mistake maybe because you didn't mark the box for both days properly or the machine didn't pick it up and most people buying on a wed just want that day and he/she was on auto pilot. As for the second maybe they accidentally gave you a ticket they had just checked for someone.

Or indeed they could have just been trying to rip you off.


maybe its a winning ticket that the cashier hasnt taken to collect his big prize yet !

ALWAYS check your ticket before you leave, you have 2 hours to cancel a ticket or else you have to keep it.

If he is a scammer then take it to the manager.

Did you hear a whir when the ticket was being printed? Did you see where he got the ticket from?

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Quick Update Guys!
Well i went into the store first thing this morning had a word with the manager and after checking the terminal code on the ticket was found out to be not even from the same store.
Anyways she give me a free ticket for sat and wed draws next week and promised to have a word.
suppose thats all i could ask for really.

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btw the scammer in question wasnt a boy


It shouldn't be a lottery just buying a correct ticket
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