Scammer help!

    Hi guys,
    I've seen afew forum scammers in my time, and the people that are always the most help are the members, some are able to track down ip addresses and thus email accounts and home addresses and other know the individual personally and have been able to find out what's gone wrong.

    In this case user 'hotmobiles4uu' has taken a £70 payment from 'eclectic_fish' for an Ipod and has ceased all contact and pretty much disapeared.

    Thread in question:…e=1

    Now it coul simply be a misunderstanding or some kinda of error on his part (forgetting to post the item for a long period), but the sudden lack of communication isn't the best sign.

    So does anybody have any details on this user? email address etc?

    Thank you,

    Yes ecletic_fish didnt get him to keep all his side of the conversation in thread as per the rules, her mistake and one she is very much paying for now. I dont feel however that this means we should just overlook the matter.


    It's only been about a week but they have been online on here today.

    View Profile: hotmobiles4uu
    Title: Matchstick
    Last Activity: Today 14:38

    Also,how was this £70 paid?

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    It was bank transfer to an account of the same bank, so payment was instant. He confirmed payment recieved then ceased all communication. The friends ebay account he gives as a contact (constant919) also ceased communication completely. He's also cancelling or ignoring calls to his phone and ignoring pms.

    We realise a week isn't a massive amount of time, but it's the ducking calls and all comms thats worrying!

    Ok,I could only advice if you paid by Paypal.
    It's odd they not responding and have been online here.
    I'm sure someone will post up what you might be able to do about it.

    Why don't you give them a ring ?


    Why don't you give them a ring ?

    Post #4 :whistling:


    Post #4 :whistling:

    I blame my specs or the after effects of last night :oops:

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    Yeah it was a bank transfer so nothing to do that end.

    Hoping an addy will release his email?

    Looks like the same guy or if not a massive coincidence.…v=1

    Could have been worse than £70:…ow/



    (hotukdelas wont let me post ebay link, just replace the **** with "myworld"."ebay" no quotes.)

    He lives in: Harrow

    Fist name possibly: Jamil

    Age possibly: 18

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    oddly he gives a different mobile number in each thread too!

    These phone numbers are already on the site in his posts and he clearly states he dosnt mind them being posted, so here they are:

    07843238349 - Honda Sale - ]THREAD HERE
    07850855725 - Ipod Sale - ]THREAD HERE
    Xbox 360 Sale - ]THREAD HERE
    Voucher Sale - ]THREAD HERE - in this thread it appears his name is Jamil and that he's 18.

    He's complete sales in NONE of the above thread other than the Ipod thread.

    Have tried Ipod number lots of times, as that was the number he was originally contacted on.
    Yet to try Honda number, need some more credit!

    EDIT: 3rd number found on gumtree

    You tried ringing them?

    NO answer on Honda number.

    Ipod number rings, redirects then to 02 answer phone.

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    Thanks for all the input Razta

    ]minimal_fuss - what has this to do you with you please? And how do you know this?

    EDIT - sorry to be blunt - but it is up to the parties themselves to try and rectify the problem, and up to the buyer to contact hotukdeals themselves.

    Hi, sorry minimal_fuss is my friend and was trying to help me! He knows more about hotdeals than I do! Is there anything I can do?

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    Any news? can we have this guys email?

    Did you pay him by paypal? Didn't you get an email address? Did you get absolutely nothing?

    i got ebay account, phone number... yes i know...stupid! paid by bank transfer. i was texting him to confirm details of payment and stuff, and got his ebay account verified so i assumed it was all ok.

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    this is just stupid, he's till logging in and using this website and the mods are completely uniterested and wont even forward his email?! why is this guy at least not banned so he cant scam anyone else?

    Why would we forward his email? Do you mean give you his email address? We cannot do that as it would be breaching the data protection act.

    All trades in the for sale forum are a private contract between the 2 parties - HotUKDeals has nothing to do with it - it is up to you to sort out.

    I'm sorry to be blunt, but there is nothing we can do for you - it's your word against his.

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