Scamming Texts from "bank"

    I didn't know this was actually possible...

    Had a text from Barclays, and actually thought it was from them them as my phone brought up all the older messages from Barclays to say my new card has been issued etc
    It said there has been a decline in a payment to Ghana for plane tickets and asking me to confirm if that was me to reply Y or N. again this is something Barclays have done before, I didn't reply as I was driving but just after the text I got a missed call so I googled that which brought up a recent scam where these eejits are using equipment/software to send a text but change the number the text is from (so they can make it look like someone you know or have had msgs before) and in that phone call they pretend to be your bank and ask to confirm your card details.

    Just thought I'd put this out there as I didn't know they could mask their number to look like someone else. This is quite worrying as you could get texts from family where you could give sensitive info.

    Am now wondering how they got my number as its mainly private, the only thing I did this week is enter it in a few used car part websites which I now suspect.


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    From action fraud
    "To make the texts seem authentic, fraudsters use specialist software which alters the sender ID on a message so that it appears with the name of a bank as the sender. This can mean that the text becomes included within an existing text message thread on the recipient’s phone."

    Not just Barclays either. I had one 'from' Natwest exactly the same.
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    Worth signing up for.

    Thanks for posting

    I had something similar "from" HSBC last Tuesday.

    "We have identified an unusual login attempt on your online banking. Log in via the secure link to avoid account suspension."
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    wow that's scary. never knew about it so very handy. Thanks for posting

    Thanks a lot. I'd have fallen victim. Crime is getting more sophisticated by the day

    Got one yesterday from Whatapp. It had previous messages about the verification code etc.. They wanted 99p
    but everyone knows its free. Can see many people falling for this scams
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