Found 18th Jul 2014
guy on a sale site is selling a PS4 with 2 controllers and 2 games for £200

he has sold it to someone and is saying he will send item first then buyer can pay him via bank transfer

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what the.............

place ya bets on whats going to happen, ill keep this thread updated lol

Sellers going to get his address, and fuu him up

Its risky, but if the buyer doesn't pay up, the seller does have the buyers postal address.

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the sellar is from Blackpool so yeah there is a chance lol

he is being very to the point has a lot of people posting saying its a scam and why not just go CEX. he just keeps saying he will send first and the buyer can pay him once he has tested it. very strange


1. sellar sends dog poop
2. he is high and wont send anything
3. both of the above lol

i can confirm, i was ps4

Original Poster


i can confirm, i was ps4

so it was outcome 2 then

knew it


Blackpool bedsit city, seems legit.


so it was outcome 2 thenknew it

Why? No 2 says high, not bell.

Oh, hai prof

Fail. I thought it said high end

Edited by: "deeky" 18th Jul 2014

i want a piece of the action!

someone send me a ps4 please! ill pay after ive received it!

Option 3) they want a small deposit first and to cover postage and you pay the rest on arrival. Even if only £10, nice way to make a little money for everyone who falls for it. Have dealt with people like that before.


Blackpool bedsit city, seems legit.

Care to share with us which utopian town/city you live in?

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he deleted the post LOL troll alert
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