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Found 3rd Feb 2012
Hey guys,

I was wondering if anyone has personal experience from the pre-built computers off Scan? Positive or bad? As I know buying separate parts are good but was just wondering if their systems are different?

Also for gaming, what graphics card would be good for its price?
Nvidia 560 Ti
AMD 6870
or the 460 SC

Many thanks =D
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Build one yourself, much more satisfying and better value.
Got one for work
Well made and updated all the way
SCAN's great till something goes wrong, then they're the worst company in the entire world.

Hp, dell, all the oem companies are rip offs. Only buy laptops from them as that is something that needs to be designed well and something you cannot build.
Go to ebuyer and add each components of one scans pcs to your basket and see what the price comes to.

For example, this sytem, for £682 http://3xs.****/ShowSystem.asp?SystemID=1122 edit-replace **** with scan.

I made this one here, in another thread:
1 G-Skill 8GB (2x4GB) DDR3 1333MHz RipjawsX Memory Kit CL9 (9-9-9-24) 1.5V 274057 1 in stock £33.94

1 AMD FX-4 4100 Black Edition 4 Core 3.6Ghz Socket AM3+ 8MB L3 Cache Retail Boxed Processor 287683 126 in stock £89.82

1 Galaxy Black Mid Tower Case with Blue Bubble Light LED Strip - 450W PSU 136491 38 in stock £34.98

1 Seagate 500GB 3.5" SATA-III 6Gb/s Barracuda Hard Drive 7200RPM 16MB Cache 272944 > 25 in stock £63.99

1 PowerColor HD 6850 1GB GDDR5 Dual DVI HDMI DisplayPort PCI-E Graphics Card 321991 230 in stock £98.99

1 Gigabyte GA-M68MT-S2-FX-3.1 GeForce 7025 Socket AM3+ 7.1 Channel HD Audio mATX Motherboard 340207 95 in stock £38.95

1 Samsung SH-222AB 22x DVD±RW DL & RAM SATA Optical Drive - OEM Black 268621 > 200 in stock
Cart total inc vat: £372.65

I missed out the windows 7 64bit premium oem which is about £70, so itll come to £440, you also might wanna jiggle the psu and case around for a better one. But not only do you save a hell of alot of money but you get a better graphics card and more ram!

All these peices are from one shop, with no research, so if you shop around, you could find them cheaper. And each individual component has its own warranty too.
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Scan's website is a bit dodgy, says they have items in stock and then you get an e-mail after ordering (and after they've charged you) saying that the item is out of stock (happened to me 3 weeks ago). They have horrible reviews if you look on Google. I'd suggest Novatech or building one yourself tbh. Novatech are REALLY hlepful, they have a live support chat thang on their website and are very well priced usually

The Sandybridge line-up smashes the current AMD CPU line-up from what I've heard/read. is also good for components


Novatech are good BUT they havent got the ones that I want, I would go … Novatech are good BUT they havent got the ones that I want, I would go with the FX-6100 but it has bad reviews :O

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