Scan computers says monitor is not faulty?

Found 19th Feb 2010
I brought a monitor for a gift for family member and it has 6 dead pixels , you can really notice them , he says when he plays games and watches movies or even surfing that its spoils it for him as they are siz , wouldnt mind if its just 1 or 2 but 6 is a bit ott.

Well i told scan this , they picked the monitor up but they have wrote this is this correct? can i do anything about it :

so the monitor has a total of 6 failed sub pixels, which is deemed
as not faulty. I can confirm for the monitor you purchased an acceptable
tolerance is upto 10 only after this figure would be item be deemed faulty.

I can further confirm that under the ISO guidelines your point in relation to
the item being unfit for purpose, under the Sales of Goods Act 1979 ( as
amended) is also incorrect as all LCD panels are manufactured to ISO guidelines
and indeed these have already been mailed to yourself, so the item is fit for
its purpose as stipulated and agreed by industry as a whole whom manufacture
panels to the ISO manufacturing guidelines.
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we had a telly with 3 dead pixels and was told they would do nothing as it
has to have 7 to have a fault:)

in my view 1 dead pixel is a fault
Have you tried using pixel flashers and massaging the screen?
It really annoys me when companies throw legislation at you when you complain. I remember when I was about 8 or 9 my sister and I were in an amusement arcade and one of the machines had eaten some of our change, we complained and all the woman said was that the machines worked as according to the gabling act of so and so etc etc. doesn't really explain why an arcade machine stole or money.

Anyway, here's the wikipedia article on the ISO standard they told you about:…6-2 .

Are the dead pixels next to each other? Have you tried contacting the manufacturer? Are Scan asking for you to pay the postage back if they return it to you?
Can you not reject under the distance selling regulations? or is it too late?

Have you tried using pixel flashers and massaging the screen?

if its dead that wont help:)

Can you not reject under the distance selling regulations? or is it too … Can you not reject under the distance selling regulations? or is it too late?

is it 28 or 30 days ?

either way, that will be the way to go

is it 28 or 30 days ?either way, that will be the way to go

i think its 7 for electrical items
Don't be fobbed off. As well as being 'Fit for purpose', the item also has to be 'Of satisfactory quality' and 'As described'. Are you satisfied with the quality? Did the item description say the monitor had 6 dead/stuck pixels?

]One Show Template Time

In the future, negotiate the return of a monitor/tv/laptop dead pixel return policy before buying, buy from somewhere that will check if a monitor has any dead pixels before dispatching it or buy from somewhere that offers a no quibble return policy within 'x' amount of days.
Yes its to late now to reject the goods , it was brought as a gift for family member for Xmas and he only just started to use it.
I know for a fact i will never buy from scan again , Some guy called Wesley is just so unhelpful and is not intrested in helping at all.
PAinkiller i wrote to them to say its not fit for purpose like you suggested but he just wrote this :

I can confirm the item is "Fit for Purpose and is indeed of Satisfactory
Quality", The ISO guidelines are what the manufacturers work with to create acceptable industry standard tolerances.

The item is not misdescribed in anyway.

Please feel free to contact further once you have verified the situation with Tranding Standards and perhaps consumer direct also.

Scan Computers

Seeing as they still have my goods , im going to seek small claim court action next , shouldnt see why someone should put up with 6 dead pixels , they are dead for a reason right? its a fault hence why its dead?
HE tried to live with the dead pixels but he said they were too annoying , he wouldnt of minded 1 or 2 but 6 is just too much

Also why did Scan authorize a return when i informed them it has 6 dead pixels surely by accepting my return and giving me a a returns reference number that they indeed accept its faulty but then changed their minds?
always break them first before sending them back and never mention dead pixels.
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