scan for gallstones

    im going to hospital tomorrow for an ultrasound scan to see if i have gallstones as ive been getting really bad pain, but im not allowed to eat from 9am and was just wondering if anyone has had a scan for gallstones and what it is they do, is it just like having a scan when your pregnant.


    yes it is like a scan but higher up and it doesnt hurt
    i had my scan about 5 yrs ago and they gave me tablets to take when i get the pain

    It's an ultrasound I think. My friend had gallstones recently - really horrible, so if you do have them I hope they remove them safely and you get better soon.

    Good luck, hope tomorrow goes ok for you :thumbsup:

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    the pain ive been having was horrible, i ended up at A&E in the middle of the night last week as the pain just wouldnt go away like the previous times ive had it it only lasted 30mins and eased off, but they just sent me away with pain killers, id already been to the doctors few weeks ago with the pain and he said it was probably just indigestion which i knew it wasnt as i suffered with that while i was pregnant, so i went to the doctors again and seen a different doctor who arranged the scan, hopefully tomorrow will sort out if the pain is gallstones.

    The scariest part of the whole procedure is when you change into the gown.

    Invariably there are only three ties at the back of it . . .

    . . . . and they're all at the same side!!!

    It's just a simple scan! Mine was humiliating as I must have had the only half decent looking doctor in the whole place!! Why I couldn't have had the old mingers I saw doing other peoples' I don't know! But it's nothing to worry about and if they're good they'll be able to tell you what they can see there and then!

    I hope the scan went well and they are sorting you out.

    Any update?

    Hope your scan went well xx

    Hope you havent got to wait too long to find out the results - I know some will tell you there and then but when i had mine done i had to wait for the results.

    Like you i went to the dr's who suggested indegestion etc..., it wasnt until i ended up in A&E that they realised i had an enlarged liver because of it and was kept in for a few days.

    The pain is absolutely agonising - in the recommend that you stay well clear of any kind of cheese and cream - that is what used to start my pain off! It was 2 bites of a cheese sandwich that ended me up in A&E.

    If you end up requiring an Op its pretty simple - i stayed in over night but usually you can go home. Its sore afterwards for a while but the scarring is minimal and ive never had the pains again.

    Hope all goes well

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    i had the scan and the guy said i have got gallstaones, hes going to send the results to my doctor and then ive got to go and see what he says, he said there only small but for something small they cause alot of pain.
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