Scan old photos and negatives

Posted 26th Nov
Hi, can anyone recommend a scanner I should buy to digitise old photos and negatives.

I’ve found a Kodak Scanza or a Kenro 4in1
But the reviews weren’t great for either
Thank you in advance!
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Without a doubt, after many many months researching and watching you tube videos myself. I highly recommend you go with the Epson V800 flatbed scanner.

I have done over 1500 slides, about 600 negatives, and I am now starting on digitising the photos i took as a kid when all you could do was print them out.

Very very well made product, which gives superb results and i even use the Epson scan software that came with it as well.

Spend a little time (like a day) to get the settings correct and then save them as a profile, then you can bang through them in no time when setting the profile as default.

As a side note, all the ones like you suggested where you have to put a tray in and slide it through manually are utter rubbish. I went through 8 or 9 before investing in the flatbed Epson. Money well spent and cheaper then sending them away for someone else to do for you.

I really enjoyed doing it to be honest.
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I have been down this route with colour negatives, colour slides and prints. I bought a fairly expensive (£280 Plustek) machine to automate the process as much as possible.
Unfortunately, I found the process of doing slides, even in strips, agonisingly slow and in the end only did the ones for prints that had been lost. Also it was difficult to maipulate the colour and white balances.
For the prints, I have found that photographing the print with an Iphone 7 on a tripod in a well lit room gave perfectly reasonable results, certainly as good as the negative scans. I am sure that transferring them to paper media would be problematic in terms of quality, but they render on a 48" tv screen fine.
For the slides, setting up the slide projector and screen with a decent dslr on a tripod in front of the projector gave perfectly good results on the TV, but was less good if projected again digitally.
Don't even get me started on the hours of VHS video to upload!
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Oh and also have a look at an app called Photomyne. Does auto age colour correct. And amazingly also can take a photo albumn page and seperate and repair all the prints on it automatically.
Thank you was looking for a recommendation of a digitiser.
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