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Posted 2nd Sep 2009
I bought a motherboard from them last year, and have just sent it back within the 12 months as it was faulty. I paid the return postage of £5.90, Scan tested it and confirmed it was faulty, and said they would send a replacement. Well, the replacement arrived today, and it is clearly used, very dusty, and with denting to some components.

Where do I stand on the used goods, and also who is liable for the return postage on faulty items, i thought it was them?
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Begs the question, why do they have used motherbords? Unless they were also returned as faulty.
You sure it's not your old one back again?
I've rang them, and they are willing to come and collect the damaged motherboard free, and replace with another used one. However, they still insist i have to pay the cost of the return postage for the first one
unf that is the way in this country their liability under the warrenty or even soga does not extend to collection of the faulty item, silly really.
Their liability is to repair or provide adequate replacement (refurb by the sounds of it). Did you consider going direct to the mobo maker?

Also, with RMA you are liable for returning the goods. You could have always made the trip to Bolton
To be fair there is no legislation saying you must return the item,
interesting the way this works but technically ;
Under the soga the company has to provide goods fit for purpose and of "reasonable quality and durability"
It can easily be argued that 12 months is simply not of any durability therefore scan is thus then liable to repair or replace the defective goods.
Also one hurdle to cross is the onus of proof that the defect is down to a manuf. fault if the defect occurs after the first 6 months
proving this will be more expensive than paying 5.90 and there may be no guarantee that the cost of this could also be recovered in court action
How long did their rma take to finish with you?
About a week, from postage of the old one to receiving the new one
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