Found 23rd Feb 2009
I havent a scanner but am looking to get a photo scannned so I can email it to friends and family. Does anyone know of any high street places that will scan this for me and if so any idea how much they will charge me for this if it can be done?
Thanks in advance x

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If you post it to me I'll scan it at work, email you the scanned piccie and post back your photo. If you're interested I'll PM you my work address.

It will take 30 seconds for a friend with a scanner to do it for you.

Or, most digital cameras these days will allow you take a photo of a photo - mine has a pre-set which allows you to do this in near-original quality.

if you are close to Evesham i'll do it for you.(free)
otherwise no neighbours with a scanner?

Your local library, its not expensive.

Asda will put it on a CD for you at a cost of just 98p.

All the best.:thumbsup:
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