scar tissue pain ~ 18 years later causing problems

    Has anyone experienced scar tissue pain from a c-section op that was 18 years previous ?


    I had pains for 2 years after mine & on having tests they found that my bowel had adhered to my scar. I had an operation to remove the adhesions and I haven't had pain since. Speak to your GP about getting some tests done. Good luck!

    I had pain from mine for a good few years if I stretched in the wrong direction. My kid is 18 and it is probably five or so years since it hurt

    Not me personally but wife had this 17 years ago & there is still scar tissue pain.

    She's just learned to live with it by saying its my fault

    hi yes ive had for over 21 years. unable to work from this. i have been told scar tissue can be taken away but a private hospital would not do due to mine being too bad they said i could end up in a wheelchair. i have other health problems now which i believe are linked. i would love to email you to exchange thoughts or any advice we might be able to help each other with. my email is Mod Edit: Personal contact details should not be posted on the forum
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