Scart Converter Needed

    Looking for a cable which convert audio/video connectors to a SCART socket. The scart adapter must have an input/output switch

    I have a DVD recorder which i want to connect to my NTL Cable box. However although the DVD Recorder has a scart socket, the NTL Box doesnt (it only has Audio Video scoket)

    Thanks for the help


    scambay are always good for getting wires, unfortunately

    Phone up NTL and get an updated box.

    I have the thing your'e on about, I think for my DBox. I got it from Maplin, let me have a look.

    I don't think you mean this do you?:-

    Oooops, what have I done. LOL.
    I can't find the thing I think you want but I'll log in and find it from my history.

    Original Poster

    Hi dinostevus...thanks for the help

    I was on another site asking how i could possibly connect my DVD recorder to my tv or cable box so i can record from cable. A few posters told me to get something that will hook up my cable box Audio connecters to my DVD recoder scart socekt.

    Is the above a pic of what i need? Im a novice in this area

    The box in post #7 is what I have.
    It converts the output from my DBox (cable type thing) into a scart output. I then connect that to a splitter:-
    with my NTL box and send the feed to another splitter and another converter then send that to all the rooms in the house. (5) each TV can watch either NTL or DBox or terrestrial TV.

    If I have confused you let me know and I'll try and put it another way.

    Original Poster

    Im sort of confused mate lol

    The "expert" on the other website has poinyed me towards this…5m1

    This is what i need

    If your NTL box has the output that fits into that item it should be fine and do the job.
    I had to go for the item in #7 because my DBox does not have any other output but the aerial outlet and that item converted the output into a scart output.
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