Scart lead - to buy online

    I know this sounds silly but wont be getting up town for at least another week, anywhere online i can buy, tried deal extreme but dont think they sell them, could do without stupid postage costs


    have you looked at

    Cheapy one's at woolies:…884 Now: £3.89. Use code freeww for free delivery
    This 1-metre Scart to Scart cable allows you to transfer pictures with stereo quality between TV, video, satellite and DVD equipment. :thumbsup:

    Now: £5.99
    This locking 1m scart lead connects TVs to DVDs, videos, satellite and Freeview set-top boxes. Its gold-plated connector improves picture and quality, while the locking is designed to prevent loose connections. from about £2.99, playtrade from about £1.63

    Heres the search link:…e=1

    You could pick one up from the supermarket with your shopping for a couple of quid...

    Are your pound stores in town as well? You can pick up a scart lead in pound stores.

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    free view to tv is just male to male yeah? if so the one on play for £1-63 would do

    As i have said wont be going to town for over a week now, my local shop doesnt sell stuff like this and to go up town just for this is gonna cost me £2-50 before buying the scart so for £1-63 its ok

    sass I'll send you one for free as I have loads I dont use.


    free view to tv is just male to male yeah?

    Yes......all connections need a male end scart as all appliances like TV ,sat boxes and sky boxes have the female socket :thumbsup:

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    sass I'll send you one for free as I have loads I dont use.

    awww gav, your such a sweetie but have just ordered one, you know me miss impatient:oops:

    But thanks for the kind offer xxx

    Cool no worries.

    Just thought I'd do my good deed for the day.
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