Scene it 2 Argos

    I got this from argos at the weekend and played it once and it was fine, now it won't play. It says clean the disc but that doesnt help.

    There seems to be some weird bubble shape crack/scratch developing at the edge, has my xbox chewed it up or could there possibly be a fault with the disc?

    Has anyone had this before? Will argos accept a return or try to tell me i broke the disc?


    14 day money back as long as you have receipt ( is that right anyone ) put a picture up OP so we can see.

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    the ****** phone camera wont pick it up, i will try again tomorrow

    Please note that this product is excluded from our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
    can try, you'll have to say you've just opened it and found it like that in the case, say that when you received it on collection you could hear it moving around in the box but didn't think it would be damaged so you just took it home.

    also say you only want to replace it and not get a refund

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    hmmmm thanks... pain in the ****


    OP..... make sure you never move your 360 when a disc is inside. Its a sure fire way of causing the damage you describe.

    Since its new, just take it back for a replacement. The rule as far as software is concerned about not refunding or swapping is so you cant expect to reurn if "you've changed your mind". A disc thats faulty is irrelivant to theose rules and your entitled to a refund or exchange. (Of course though, you wont be telling them YOU damaged the disc, else your one your own and shouldnt expect any help.)

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    why? surely you want a replacement

    having to go to argos again

    thanks for help - i took it down first thing, the girl didn't care she just got me a new one :thumbsup:

    shoulda kept the batteries outta the first one!
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