Scenetorrents invite?

    Anyone got one?
    I REALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLY want scenetorrents.

    I have a good ratio on torrentleech as im a VIP, got a 1.5+ ratio and have been a member 150+ weeks, i Donate and heck, il even give you £5 through paypal for generosity.


    In order to get upload credit or invites, you must choose which you want directly under the appropriate donate button before you click it. For the custom donations, the ammount of credit you get per euro is based on how much you donate:
    [*]10.00 - 19.99€ will give you 1GB per euro.
    [*]20.00 - 29.99€ will give you 1.25GB per euro OR 1 invite.
    [*]30.00 - 49.99€ will give you 1.3125GB per euro OR 2 invites.
    [*]50.00+€ will give you 70GB for the first 50.00€ plus 1.5GB per euro for the remaining euros OR 4 invites.[/LIST]

    It's all the sme really bro, TL release the same stuff.

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    il send you 20euros if you inv me. you get donation symbol for free then im guessing?

    scenetorrents get stuff quicker then torrentleech and i really want an account.

    Actually Owais bro, I already got myself a donation cross, customer title an i'm am extreme user. What's you username on TL? Let me know by pm.

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    does that mean you have invites?

    Wow.... paying for piracy? How stupid are you?

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    theres legal stuff there too....
    and its nice to help a site that helps you.


    theres legal stuff there too....and its nice to help a site that helps … theres legal stuff there too....and its nice to help a site that helps you.

    Paying for piracy is just wrong though.

    Donating to a site is alright if its just donating. But buying upload for money is wrong.

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    on torrentleech, if you pay, you get no upload credit at all.
    only benefits are no ads, vip status, and 2 free invites a month.

    most people on scenetorrents dont need upload credit tbh, its just the site being nice and giving you some....


    lol i agree with the comment

    paying for piracy = stupid.

    tell me what you want downloading.

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    i got in (for free without momagic) and ScT isnt all that.\

    what i do is donate on TL, and download as much as i want without worry of low ratio.
    So its €40 for 6 months and i get whatever i want. although i still have a dcent ratio

    ScT doesnt reward you for donating, uploading is hard with all those sweedes with seedboxes, and its got less stuff then torrentleech.
    Also, speedwise, with o2(i only get 6mb from 20mb service), scenetorrents is as fast as torrentleech.

    TL is the best tracker ever.


    Wow.... paying for piracy? How stupid are you?

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