Posted 22nd Nov 2022
Need help setting up my Scheppach 6.5HP Petrol Compactor which I bought from Aldi. As I do not drive, the first hurdle was to buy petrol but then was told will need a petrol can. Today bought the can from B&Q. Before I send someone to buy petrol, I think will need some engine oil.

Can whoever has used a similar petrol compactor advise what engine oil I will need and the quantity ? When I buy petrol how much will I need as do not want to buy too much as there will be a storage issue.

Thanks in advance.
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    if you're too lazy to read the manual, at least check the manual for oil spec and then watch this.
    When I rented one to do my drive I used approx 2 litres of petrol (edited)
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    Manualslib has the books if you have lost yours
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    Thanks everyone. As I never had a car, needed some practical guidance as many times I have been tripped following the manual. Noticed a few 10W/30 engine oil on Amazon. Assume I can buy anyone. (edited)
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    Just FYI, you can safely use 5w30 oil as a subsitute, which is generally more available, e.g. Wilko and Halfords

    That is very helpful. I have a £5 discount code from Halfords. Do you think I will need a lot of it just for using in Compactor ?
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