Posted 24th Sep 2022
My son has been wearing a school blazer with a single back vent opening (from Price and Buckland) since Year 10 (he is now in Year 11). The vent seems to have a stitch or two in the back of it to keep it partly closed - I have left this as it turned up like it and no instructions came saying that it had to be opened up, but now I'm under the impression (after reading about somebody - an adult - today forgetting to remove the stitches on their jacket) that the stitches should be removed. Obviously, I can't call/email the supplier about this until next week, but does anybody actually know if the school blazers are supposed to have the stitches removed in the back of the blazers? Thank you.
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    Splitting at the back is designed for freedom of movement, although I have noticed that the girl versions of the blazers do not have a split and only the boy versions? (The labelling is how they are sold)
    Manufacturers fasten the blazer's vent (that flap on the back) to keep it from getting wrinkled during shipping. It's usually a little cross stitch in the shape of an X and yes - it is supposed to be removed. (edited)
    At the bottom of the split/vent, the blazer seems to have been sewn shut by a couple of stitches (not a white 'X' mark like on coats/suits - just read about those online) - do I actually snip these stitches open so that the two sides of the flap are no longer attached at the bottom? Thank you.
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    If your Son has been wearing the blazer for a year without a problem then I think that pretty much shows what a complete non-issue it is. Either remove the stitch or leave it as it is, it doesn't really matter eithr way to be honest.
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    You just unpick them, same on most suit jackets that have them. Use an unpicker or cut them.
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    they are temporary stitches and you should remove them. i think they do this in the shop to keep the shape of the jacket. all suit jackets are like this as far as i can remember.
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    I didn't even realise about this until I saw an article online about Meghan Markle walking around with the flap on her blazer still sewn up, when it should have been open. Thank you anyway for the advice.