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Found 28th Mar 2010

Looking for a bit of advice.
We currently live about a 15 min walk from my sons primary school. We are actually outwith the catchment area of the school but when we moved into the area they made exceptions due to our nearest school being full etc.

He has now been at the school for 2 years and loves it and of course we want him to go to the high school next to it with his friends.

Anyway to my question..

We have been offered a house from my mother in law to rent in a nearby county (approx 5 miles from his primary) for £150 less than what we pay per month at present . There is a primary school in the village.

Could my sons current school ask us to move him to the village school if we moved? if this was the case we would not move.

We wouldnt plan on living there for more than 5 years, saving up for a deposit with the money we saved to buy our home in the city. Our plan would be to move nearer the high school/primary then.

Advice needed!


ask them?

Original Poster


ask them?

I do plan on. I was just wondering I suppose if anyone has been in a similar situation.

Dunno much about this, but...I'd wager they wouldn't insist upon him moving to another primary when he's already been to his existing one for 2 years.

they wont ask him to move, no. they might think you will move him but i think this will not be the case?

I think once your child has a place it's theirs, I can't imagine they would insist on taking it away. That's just a guess though, sorry.


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