School days; best days of your lives or .....

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Found 3rd Mar 2010
....a complete load of old pony?

I guess it probably depends how old you are as to how you answer, but for me, school was a bit meh (never enjoyed studying or being told what to do!)

The peak of enjoyment was probably from about 25 to 35 (Travelling the world, meeting loads of people, exploiting my body and discovering all sorts of orifices!). Right now, a few years later, I'm still in a really happy place mentally, just physically wasted!!!

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I enjoyed it, missed it when I left and still do.

same here, i'd love to have another crack at it, I tell my kids to make the most of it & enjoy it, as it dos'nt last that long !

was pretty awesome but i love being at uni more

its ok

Hated school with a vengeance-couldnt wait to get out.

Hated it could not wait to leave and would not go back for all the money in the world

I loved going to school, college and university, probably why I spent ridiculous amount of time there :giggle:

Not anymore though...too old now


Go back to a retarded state education? no thanks, it set be back years, 10 years of doing stupid waste of time rubbish, in a school of morons

Had to go to uni to do some proper learning, at my expense, where most of the people there wanted to learn and move on.


I thought it was ok nothing special.

Someone once said (of school days) " They may not be the happiest. But they are the most carefree"


School was great. Would love to go back. :-D

I'd love to go back to school again, going back to help out teaching wasn't as fun as actually being there. Saying that I'd rather go back to Uni if I had the choice.

hated school

best years of my life were 16-present and continuing


schools are not nice places if you stammer!!!

they were a bag of crap

I hated school & everything about it, but I do wish I could go back & do it all again!

I loved school miss it so much lol those were the days i could get As in my exams without studying uni is so much hard work for a lazy person like me


Hated school with a vengeance-couldnt wait to get out.

Me too.

best time of my life in school, see friends everyday, laugh play football, chase girls, learn some good stuff

I loved school and id turn the clock back and go back tomorrow if i could.

i loved my school life...i really miss it. love all the curriculum and societies ive joined, friends i still keep in touch till now. learned so many things, and still learning ... would def go back if i have a chance to do that.

School was probably the most stress free time of my life - esp. primary, all you had to worry about was who had a ball and if you had enough money for a bottle of juice afterwards.....

Best days of my life were uni days, no question...

Mod & Ed

Life began at 40 for me!


loved all the experiences in my life so far. had an awesome time. one thing i wish i had done was a gap year but if i did i wouldnt have a job right now so worked out well will retire young and travel then!
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