School holidays 2012

    Does anybody know where i can find a list of when the kids break up for 2012 as im just sat here browsing for holidays for next sure theres a website where u can check, i have looked on my childs school website but no mention for 2012 yet


    ours are on the councils website nottm, try yrs

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    Ok cheers

    Different schools dIfferent times, goes for towns and county's, so in plain sight nobody could tell you. But august is usually all holidays.

    You would be best asking at school tomorrow as different schools have different training days which affects when your children would be off

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    tbh should of just looked at the price difference when the kids are off the price just shoots way high, so damn annoying, went looking at center parcs mon-fri in feb the week i wanted was 419 the week the kids r off well over £700 4get it, i wont pay it,well just cant afford to pay it,have to take him out of school i suppose,its either that or no holidays

    we break up on july 27th but just check your kids website - or we check our countys website

    your council will have them on their website - in the search area of their website type in school term and it should come up
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