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    hi I was just wondering if anyone has any ideas for a school project on florence nightingale. thanks


    other than Crimea and its context what angle do you want to take-statistician?

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    I was thinking of making some kind of a model or something along those lines but not sure what to do

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    her work and life style if what I have been researching with my child

    large covered tray with items you reveal one by one starting with something really obscure like a statistics table and ask audience who it is then eventually revealing more clues and finally a paper Mache of Florence?

    Her work in preventing infection and influence on hospital design

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    thanks lovelies


    Her work in preventing infection and influence on hospital design

    But she didn't prevent infections. Her work methods were so poor she probably killed off patients.

    How old is the child doing the project, Primary or secondary age??

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    When my kids were in primary school and had to do projects i bought display books and we used them. Always had a title page with a picture of who project was about, when we did florence nightingale we had her name at the top, large picture of her in the middle and lady with the lamp underneath and included name and class in the corner. Second page was contents page then we filled the rest with info and fun things starting with her early life on the next page up to her death on the last. A few paragraphs and a picture or two on each page and it soon starts to look good, if you search florence nightingale ks2 you will find lots of great stuff, you can do a timeline on one page and there are even word searches, crosswords and quizzes you can print out and pictures of her to colour in which makes it a bit more fun to do

    If you live in London there is a Florence Nightingale museum in St.Thomas's hospital. Loads of info and ideas there.

    for primary school, just copy out the simple wiki.
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