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Found 28th Sep 2007
Hey there, I'm 15 but will be 16 on the 11th of next month, I was wondering if there are any big chains that employ people like me? (willing to wait until next month). I do Work Experience on the 22nd - 26th of this month but highly doubt anything to come from that, and don't really want anything to from there.

My mum is insistent that I need a job and I refuse to get a paper round lol

I'm willing to work evenings and weekends if that makes a difference on who will employ me.

Any help or pointers will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Danny. x
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I think supermarkets like Asda, Tesco etc employ 16 year olds part time, might be worth asking
You seem a fairly switched on sort of person. Level headiness and common sense are all employers are looking for from people your age. Try Tesco, or local call centre's.

I am a HGV driver and full time work is always available from any driving agency as a drivers mate. Pay is reasonable as well. Drivers mates sit in the cab with the driver and assist in offloading goods at the destination. When driving to the destination you can have a sleep, easy life. One of my regular drivers mates earns £18000 pa and he sleeps overnight whilst working, then has most of the day and evening to himself. :w00t:

Oooo, mcdonalds are always recruiting
My local homebase tends to employ anyone who walks through the doors, including me. you could try there. Supermarkets are also great (like mentioned above) or small shops like co-op.
Thanks, I'll pop in and ask in a few places this weekend.

That HGV Driver's mate thing seems too easy.. Like there's a catch hidden somewhere.. :P
Ring up all of your local pubs and try to become a dishwasher, its high paid low skill jobs (for a 16 year old). I've just started and im getting £5.25 an hour.
My son had a job at WHSmith when he turned 16 and really enjoyed it, pulled in a lot of overtime during the half term holidays and over xmas. Staff discount too!
At m business ive got a sunday girl who works and shes 16. But note min wage for under 18s is lower... hense why people employ younglings...
when i was your age i worked at woolworths so could maybe try there
Thanks again, I want all the applications I can get, keep 'em comin'! ^_^
Iceland take on 16 year olds i think

i work there, (i'm 17) not a bad place to work really, nothing to hard, alright pay.

I'm contracted to 13 hours a week though (usually work 20!), so not sure if that'd be too much for you.
Keep a look out on shop windows, a lot of shops are taking on extra staff with run up to Xmas.They should state what age they wanting from too.
A good friend of mine works in a Tesco instore, there since he was 16, worked at one while at uni, worked at one when he went away to work, back in London now so over 12years now non stop for Tesco.

He has a half decent management position now

Mum2 is right, pre xmas they need the staff, more importantly, do not expect to advance if your a bad worker/late/unreliable etc.
i wurked in loads ohchiipers since i was 13
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