Posted 6th Jul 2021
Hi guys. I need some help here please. So it's my first time buying school uniforms. My eldest son will be starting reception in September.

I bought a pack of short sleeved Polo shirts from M&S. It's a 2 pack. I washed and tumble dried one, then placed it against the other. The Horror!!! It shrank so so bad, in length and width! I don't mind so much the width because my son is skinny, but he is tall. He only just turned 4. He currently wears 4-5. However, I had bought 5-6, taking into account that by September he would have grown a bit , plus taking shrinkage into consideration. But this shrank so bad, it's gone down in size about 2 sizes.

I'm so disappointed because I thought I'd rather spend the extra money on "good quality" and hopefully it would last long. Sadly that's not the case here.

So, any advice where I could buy short sleeved Polo shirts from, as well as sweatshirts and jumpers which will NOT shrink in the wash. Preferably not Next or John Lewis as that's just way out of my budget.

Thank You!
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