Science museum banks (goodwill shop)

    I ordered these banks when goodwill shop had them 3 for 2 got 3 of them for less than £15,but i haven't recieved them yet it's been 10days just wondering has anyone recieved them or should i expect my order to be cancelled.


    i was just about to put the same thing as i have just looked at my order confirmation and it was the 17th oct. i havent recieved anything yet either.

    same here, checked the comfirmation email, it says wait a further 7 days before reporting non delivery. Hopefully it won't come to that!!

    hi sorry new to all this but i ordered same as you and on email it says 10 working days ive worked it out to be delivered 30th october :?:?

    :x:xmy god just rang goodwill about money boxes and was told that they had cancelled my order due to no stock a letter would be with me soon wont hold breath lol:x i thought to good to be true never mind

    That doesn't sound good, I ordered on the 28th but haven't received anything yet either. I'll phone tomorrow.

    :xI too ordered these on 18th October and had not heard anything, so sent an E-Mail to enquire. I was also told they were unable to fulfill my order!!.
    I am unhappy that it they took my order in the first place if they couldn't fulfill it and why did I have to wait & contact them. They should have let me know sooner, certainly won't be dealing with them again.:x

    Yes - just chased my order today - got a stupid reply saying "items not in stock" and "your order had been cancelled"

    - why did they take the orders in the first place?
    - why did they not let me know in the past 2 weeks?
    - why did i have to chase them for the info?


    It's a scam to get donations, I bet they don't refund them automatically along with the moneys for the banks!!

    no reply to my emails!!!!!!!!!!!

    Goodwill - what a joke of a name. SCAMwill

    i have just spoken to one of their customer service reps.

    They said they take orders before they receive stock from their suppliers, unfortunately the suppliers have not been able to meet the demands so Goodwill have had to cancel orders. She also said that no money has been debited from my account (not sure if this is the same for all) i will be checking to make sure.

    I don't think this is a scam

    so, you place an order and they don't have your goods to deliver - meanwhile.........

    if you've made a "donation" in the ordering process - they keep that
    You don't get informed that they won't be delivering, so you have to ring them. Companies DO earn money even from 0845's - and they get to keep that too!!!!

    Maybe not a classic 'scam' - but in my book it's not far off

    Going to speak with Trading Standards about it tomorrow - as at very least there are no 'standards' there

    I din't think of it that way,

    0844 numbers earns the company/organisation 1p per min and costs me 5p per min.

    I didn't make a donation, mean i know but i already give time and money to my chosen charities.

    Let me know how you get on with Trading Standards, i will be happy to get involved should this be a scam or if they need customer statemenst etc i don't know how this sort of things work.

    Oh forgot to mention before, they said that a letter has been posted to me reagrding cancellation. Not sure why they would pay to post something whilst email is free??

    >>Not sure why they would pay to post something whilst email is free>>>

    sounds like the old "the cheques in the post" con

    They have our email addresses - that would be free and instant. So why not used that method?
    Maybe for the same reason they say "wait 10 days, the a further 7" before contacting us


    getting more concerned now than i even was before!!!!

    if you look at the above posts - someone was promised a letter on the 30th - that was 5 days ago
    .....doubt he recived it

    Check your credit card
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