sciphone, dual sim, what is it, anyone heard of it


    Been looking at these phones, theres alot on ebay and a couple of other sites as well, their being sold for an average price of £70. I dont know much about phones but I believe they are a copy of the i phone, i cant be certain of that though.

    Anyone heard of them, are they any good, would you buy one, in the market for a new phone and these looked quite interesting but i dont want to waste my money.

    thanks everyone


    Ive seen them and they are well nasty-when the screen is lit up it does look like an iphone from a distance but the build quality is shocking and of course you cant use it to connect to apps store/itunes etc.

    dealextreme sell numerous iphone clones and far cheaper than ebay if you wanna buy one but I wouldnt.


    Sound quality is absolutely rubbish. Smoke signals seem a bit more clearer than these gyspy phones.

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    well thats it, mind made up, knew i could trust you guys, many thanks, will continue the search;-)
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