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Found 5th Apr 2010

I am looking to buy a scooter to get to work and i'm after a bit of advice,

I have seen some cheap chinese one's on ebay (guoben!?!) but i think these maybe worthless!

My main query is, is it worth buying one from a shop or buying one of the £500-£600 one's off ebay?

Can anyone also advise me on the best scooter to purchase (i'm after 125cc)?

thanks guys and gals.

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i would buy a second hand one
but not from china
i'm not going to buy one from china!

The ones on ebay have already been imported and used, but i'm unsure of the quality of them.
It's been a while since I looked at scooters, but the scooter of choice at work seemed to be the Gilera Runner 125SP. That is a few years back, probably 2001 but when I rode them they had a nice turn of speed and seemed well put together.
If it was me then I would avoid Chinese built scooter from E-Bay, there just seems to be too many things going wrong. I know some Chinese built bikes/scooters use Honda parts, however they could be built under licence from Honda and not of the same quality.
Whatever you do buy you need to inspect it fully before parting with your cash, my first bike was a Honda CG125 with "only" 800 miles on the clock. Well it should have said on that clock, because I soon found out it had been involved in a crash and was a bit bent and had done considerably more than 800 miles!.
I wouldn't buy one from a shop mate, they rip you off, big time. I'd go with ebay. I have a Honda CG125 and it's never let me down, they're built like tanks and it only cost me £350. Before this however i had a kymco super 9 moped which was brand new and had sooo many problems, eventually sold it as a non runner.
well really depends i got a tamoretti when i first passed my cbt think they cost around £1100 and whatever people say about them being rubbish i had no problems other than replacing the battery on mine, my girlfriend now uses it and it is is still running well

i now own a vespa gts and it is superb the size of ie width makes you feel abit more secure on the roads, it goes over bumps etc on the road very smoothly, the weight means you don;t get blown all over the road(one of my gripes about the tamoretti is that is very light) and is an overall brilliant ride

if you have the money go for a vespa or other well known brand it will also help with resale as well as being able to get parts if anything goes wrong
but if you are starting out don't spend a fortune until you are comfortable and sure riding on two wheels is for you

if buying off ebay go see the scooter first, have a test drive, ask about problems, read on the internet about the brand, and whatever the buyer says ask for it to be put through an mot which you are willing to pay the costs of if it passes

if poss go to a local scooter club as they will advise you well and prob know of people selling scoots privately shops will over charge you

any help you need just drop me an email
No offers for trades in this thread please.
Dont buy a chinese bike - if you after looks get a vespa - if your after speed get a gilera runner

Best bet is get a scooter with about 5k + as they are worn in and will be quicker than newer bikes

Use auto trader /fleabay but make sure the bike is good at starting in cold mornings as thats what i found with my scooter if it was cold it wouldnt start ;-(

Depending on where you are driving it
50cc for inner city
125 for inner city/ dual carriage ways

125cc dont sound like mopeds which ruined it for me when i bought my piaggio fly 100cc and it didnt sound like i wanted :-(
If your after cheap reliable transport on a cbt how about a honda cg125 (geared).

Do not buy one of those cheap chinese bikes if you want it to last.

Honda FES 125. Gilera runner, Peugeot speedfight ?
Ive got a peugeot speedfight 2, can get about 120 miles on a full tank so its great for getting to work etc.

Wouldnt pay one of those chinese models as others have said, i came off mine awhile back and was saying what a little accident caused so much damage, the guy said most of the chinese ones after a crash/bump are written off.
hi all,

thanks for the great advice, i think i'm going to go for a speedfight.

cheers, matt.
I've passed my test and have a Suzuki Bandit. However, I've still got my cheap Chinese 125 in the garage. I bought it new, and then got it fully checked out by a bike mechanic. It got me therough my test for not much money, and its an excellent little bike (I say little, its taller than my Bandit).

Its ok knocking Chinese bikes, but if you get them checked out and maintained they aren't all bad.Its only 35 years since we were slagging off Japanese bikes
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