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Hello all.

My current work are relocating to a different office soon. I wish they'd give dates but they keep saying it will be soon. The mileage to the new place is exactly the same as the one I'm at. Trouble is the bus routes are no good. Currently takes me 30 mins to get to work but the new place would be 75 mins odd. I've been thinking bout getting a scooter cus it seems a viable option. I only hold a provisional license but think I can have a 125cc

Just wondering if anyone knows the costs of running one would be like the insurance cost day to day running costs and also where would you look for one?


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If your test was done before 2000 i think, then you can drive a moped (a bike with 50cc or less, and restricted to 30mph) without L plates, and without doing a CBT.

If you did a test after that, or want to drive up to a 125cc, then you have to do a either a CBT (drive on L plates, lasts for two years) or do your full test.

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Right then just a cbt test then and some plates. Have looked on the net and canne really fin many cheap ones about. Any suggestions? Don't suppose you know average cost of insurance 3rd party. Am 26 male an married

need a cbt - scooters are great in decent weather but not nice in bad weather i came off mine when it skidded in the rain - cheap to run my insurance was about a tenner a month
if you are serious about it don't buy a cheap scooter get a vespa or something similar i had a vespa gts just sold it last month and it was great scooter very reliable and because it was heavy less likely to blow across the road
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Right then just a cbt test then and some plates. Have looked on the net … Right then just a cbt test then and some plates. Have looked on the net and canne really fin many cheap ones about. Any suggestions? Don't suppose you know average cost of insurance 3rd party. Am 26 male an married

I had a few scooters, my last insurance quote for a 125cc 3rd party was £130, i was 19 with 3 years no claims from previous scooters.

I highly doubt it would be a lot.

Well I've just gotten myself a 125 motorbike, here is a break down of costs/things you'll need:

CBT - Mine cost £130 but you can get them for £100. This allows you to ride 125cc motorbikes/mopeds on any road other than the motorway. A 125cc will happily do 70mph plus.

Helmet - Costs massively vary, but you want a helmet which fits you well and will protect you if the worst happens, you can spend between £30-£600 on one it all depends on your budget and how much you like your head. Mine cost £180 (down from £400 due to it being a discontinued model).

Clothing - This can vary depending on how much protection you want, I went for the full whack, jacket, trousers, gloves and boots which came to a total of £280 (but I get 50% off as I work for Triumph). Personally I'd say go for as much protection as you can afford as if you come off your bike then it is going to hurt, I've seen a few injuries at work from people who normally wear everything but they decided to go to the shops which was only down the road and not wear trousers or boots etc and they can't walk properly for weeks due to having no skin on their knees etc after falling and if your work involves anything manual then it would be worth getting everything.

Bike - These obviously range depending on what type of bike you want and what condition it is in. You can get perfectly decent commuter bikes for £500 which wont put a foot wrong, but you can also get bangers for the same price. Likewise you can spend a fortune on one. I decided to go for a Yamaha YZF R125 due to it being a full sized bike (as I'm 6'6"), it does 110mpg which works out at 6p per mile (half the cost of my car).

Tax - My tax is £16 per year

Insurance - Massively ranges depending on your age, location and type of insurance. If you go for a really cheap bike say £500ish then it would be worth just getting third party insurance (no fire and theft) as the excess tends to be about £450. You can then get insurance for about £150-£200 if you are 21 with no previous experience.

Servicing - This all depends on how handy you are. Servicing will be very cheap if you do it all yourself and take care of your bike, obviously it will be much more expensive if you go the garage/dealer route. Servicing is very straight forward on a bike as everything is so accessible.

Security - It is worth spending a bit on security for your bike as 125's tend to get nicked very often. I would recommend an alarmed disc lock + a decent chain (read reviews to find the best one at your price range). You can spend £100's on security but I'd say you can easily get away with spending about £100 for a chain + alarmed disc lock.

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Nice one tatey. You know protective gear never even entered my head. Spose tis worth it though as you say, anything can happen. It all mounts up when you put it all together. Rep for the massive post. Much appreciated. I'd like a vespa how much you sell it for shedboy?

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excellent point re the clothing, my dad in his slightly younger days had a little scooter to run about on, he didn't bother to wear any protective gear and when he came off skidded down the road on his bottom, couldn't sit down for weeks without a ring cushion and had to have it dressed daily for 4 weeks by a nurse
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