Scott Mills Radio One

    Does anybody know the song that played today around 6:45 after the ting tings whats my name?
    Rep will be given


    any lyrics?

    Can't you go online and hear the show again?

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    For some reason it won't let me play
    and nope was getting my haircut and its completely gone from my mind!


    Can'y you go online and hear the show again?

    probably like iplayer

    hehe rep as an incentive....!!

    it was The Potbelleez, Don't Hold Back if i remember correctly…8hQ sound like the right one?

    around 6.45....... was it a remix of an old song?? dancey??

    :oops: t_e_b i was completely off!!

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    Just checking the link out now

    Original Poster

    Am I right in thinking that the dancey song abit after was the new alex gaudino one?
    And yep thats the right song!!!
    Thank you!!
    Everyone can have rep Cos I'm feeling nice and everyone tried to help

    i remember because I was driving to the gym with the windows down, was warm and sunny and I thought -


    ps thanks for the rep spikeyjacko

    Original Poster

    Ahh right
    No worries you deserved it

    i went to the gym in the morning.... but was balsting my trance anthems in the car... chooooooons!!

    thanks for rep jack... but u'll see i beat u to it.... ie repped u first.... didnt rep everyone..that wud be weird!

    Original Poster

    How come you repped me lol ?
    Ahh good old trance
    I love abit of trance then indie then slighty emo

    The song was played around 6.06pm and it was The White Stripes - Seven Nation Army and it finished at 6.10pm.

    Original Poster

    Bit late lol! Already found it

    repped u cos u seem nice and u havent got many rep blobs!!

    Original Poster

    Thank you Magicbeans
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