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Posted 27th Oct
It’s been 5 months since I joined them and although their unit rates and standing charges are cheaper than my previous supplier edf my bill came higher than my edf and it was a summer bill so it should of been lowest of all year. Almost £50 difference
They are saying that their smart meter tariffs are much cheaper and that I should get one installed but I’ve heard people complaining about smart meters and how they are actually ripping customers off.

Might go back to edf? I usually tend to pick one from the big 6 but I think I’m doing wrong. Any companies that your happy with?
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Had nothing but trouble with smart meter so I got rid of it.
I am happy with eon and they let you know if a better deal comes up .
If you leave them before your fixed rate is up you get charged
You don't need a smart meter to get ripped off.

Most energy companies bill you an imaginary figure that has more to do with their cash flow than gas/electricity flowing through the meters. I switched to Utility Point and Symbio who bill your readings if you post them in before the bill is calculated.

Big 6 = Big AVOID
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What’s the hidden agenda

Referral link, hence the PM?
Everything comes down to the actual consumption and meter reading. The first thing I do when I switch suppliers is compare the rates on the bill against what I signed up. Then check the meter reading. If these are ok on the first bill, then the contract should run smoothly. I am with Utility Point right now and they send an email reminder every month to submit the meter readings. Happy so far.
Having a smart meter makes no difference to your tariff

Also, most 'green energy' suppliers dont actually supply green energy. They just pay £1.50 per customer for a certificate for the right to say it is. Another total con

Your difference is Probably higher as one of the bills had estimated start or end readings
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I joined Octopus energy recently and I’m happy with them so far. They send reminders for regular meter readings and adjust monthly direct debit payments to reflect usage. All done online so easy to manage
Just do a new comparison at the moment from the big 6 , Eon have a fairly decent deal on at around 5p standing charge and 15.?p per kWh if you go through mse energy club or if you go via Quidco it's £20 cashback plus a standing charge of 7.5p daily and slightly lower 15.? P per kWh per unit charge. What's your current tarrif prices they will most probably he higher as 6 months ago they were higher than know.
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Try bulb. we left Scottish power for them. Scottish power are just ripping all there customers off and taking all there profit back to Spain
I also left Scottish power and joined bulb I've been with bulb about 18 months with no problems at all in fact my account has always been in credit. Highly recommend by me!
I also left Scottish Power for Bulb. Saving an absolute fortune. They are robbing...

£50 less per month and after a year I am in credit. Left Scottish Power with a mega bill. Joke.
I would echo previous posts and recommend taking a look at Bulb Energy. I have found them to be very good and so easy to manage your account. I too haven't plunged for a smart meter yet as I'm just not convinced of their merits. That and the signal here is shocking! Their own customer forum is flooded with complaints about them and their dodgy IHD's (In Home Displays) but at least they are Gen2 meters (the ones that will still work if you changed supplier again) so that's a bonus I guess...

As a supplier though, I am very, very pleased. Have you used the MoneySavingExpert Cheap Energy Club? Worth a look as it's a very good comparison site. I would say however that you can get a better "switch" bonus if you look elsewhere than their own one. Well, I did anyway!

Best regards, Phsy.
Scottish Power tried to up my monthly payments by £80....... not to £80, by £80!

I also joined Bulb, and also expect to save £50 a month compared to Scottish Power, greedy sods!
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